A.E.P. Branding

Active Edge Physio is a portable physiotherapy service with a focus on neurological problems. The practice opened in May 2019 and shortly after approached me to develop their logo, branding and website. The design works with the themes and iconography of the brain, to represent the neurological focus, and the floating house relating to the businesses’ mobility and in-house service.
The Active Edge website was created to better advertise the business, which at the time only had Facebook as an online presence.

AEP Web Link

Active Edge Physio Alt Logos
Alternative logs have been included to show the various other themes that were used in the creative process of the branding. Other than the brain / neurological theme, mobility and location themes were used in the house logos, and a spine like shape was used to represent the other non neurological aspects of the business.

Business Cards
Business cards, using the the new branding where created for each staff member. The brain portion of the logo has been used abstractly on the front of the card.