EnPointe Branding

EnPointe creates devices used in the scoring of fencing matches. These devices are wireless and connect from the sword, to a pocket box, to a relay box and then to a scoring machine. The logo is a simplified shape resembling an epee and the squares in the background are to tie in with the older logo which was made using a low pixel display.

Fencing Silhouettes
These silhouettes of fencers are used all throughout the brand, for both informational purposes and as a part of the visual branding.
An online store was set up to sell EnPointe’s equipment. The website features photography of all products as well as demonstration videos and quick start guides. The same dark blue colours, mosaic patterns and silhouettes are used throughout the site.

Stationery Set
EnPoint’s stationery set consists of a business card, an informational flyer and a promotional discount card. All the materiel uses the same dark blue theme with the mosaic background, and either photos of the equipment or silhouettes of fencers.

Banners were designed to promote EnPointe products at the Challenge CEP Marathon Fleuret, a foil competition in Paris. The banners feature the same branding with a light and dark version to contrast between the two.

Product Photography
Photography for all the products sold by EnPointe were taken in studio conditions.

Tinker photography
In studio photography, taken for the Tinker website.

Tinker Electronic
Tinker Electronic is the child business of EnPointe, it covers any work that does not involve the fencing products. The logo is a combination of a fingerprint, a light bulb and an electrical grounding symbol.
A website was created to bring customers to Tinker Electronic. The photos used were taken in studio, using circuit boards provided by the business.