Fishing App

Fishtales Branding

Using the Periscope software a fishing app has been developed to allow people to record fishing from locations and caught fish, as well as be used as an alert system when someone does not return fishing by a certain time.

The logo is a combination of a fingerprint and a clown fish, using the themes of fishing and personalisation. As the app is in development, several other logos have been presented as alternatives or placeholders.

App UI
The app UI is mainly form based, as it allows you to create your own profile based on your equipment and behaviour. With the large number of fields, this design allows for each section to be collapsed to save space.

App UI
This interface expands the size of each field so that it is easier to select with a larger hand or to see for those with poor eyesight. As the amount of space per field is larger, the fields have been put into a responsive column of two or three, depending on the size of the input and screen.

App UI
This design focuses on colour coding the different sections whilst working with a logo that also can be separated into different parts. This was done to help users know what part of the app they are in, which is necessary with the large number of fields and sections involved.

Octopus Vector
This vector image was designed as a placeholder for the Fishtales app. The app was given a facelift, new home page and logo and the design is now included in other app related publishing.

Fish Digital Paintings
The app requires a visual of all possible fish that can be caught in the Victorian bays. As photographs would be inconsistent among so many species, digital paintings of the fish have been made. When these images are scaled down to phone size they look photorealistic.

(Left, top down) Flathead, Longfin Pike, Ling and King George Whiting

(Right, top down) Snapper, Bream, Wrasse and Longfin Snook.