Pericorp Branding

Periscope software is used to create and manage database linked forms, used mainly in risk, HR, governance and compliance sectors. Over the last four years I have been the designer at Periscope, working to create and further their branding and software user interface.

Periscope UI
The Periscope user interface has evolved every few updates, requiring more icons, different colours and at times, overhauls of the entire look and user experience.

The first major change of the look was when the home page was first introduced. It was designed to allow users a faster and simpler use of the software, rather than going to the dashboard which was more suited to admin use.

The second change looks at an entire redo of the whole software including the main dashboard, home page and login pages. The buttons and links have all been shifted to a column on the left side, allowing more space to work with the tables in the centre and less clutter as more features are added to the column.

Login and change position page.

Bee Vector
Developed initially to be used as surface graphics in the office, this image was created from the Periscope logo. Used as an attention grabber which maintains and expands on the brand, it has since been incorporated into video, brochure and other promotional designs requiring an attractive visual.

Periscope Wheel
Designed around the periscope logo, this visual representation of Periscope’s business processes is incorporated in any client presentation or promotional material.

Zoos Victoria Logo
When Zoos Victoria tendered with the Periscope software, logos were created for each zoo to differentiate them between the software modules. The colours and animals chosen for the logos relate to the current brand colours and animals found in each respective zoo.

Periscope Sectors UI
Different sets of logos are used for the main client sectors Periscope most commonly works with. As there are multiple clients in each sector, multiple logos are needed for clients as placeholder logos until they provide their own.

Periscope Modules UI
The Periscope software is divided into multiple modules, each with its own logo. A set of logos were created to identify each module when used or presented on.

Periscope Icons UI
A set of the most commonly used icons within Periscope. Although each client will get unique icons and logos, these icons are present all throughout the software.

Periscope Christmas Logo
During the holiday period, the Periscope logo is changed to one in this set.

Periscope Primary Buttons
The UI buttons for the main sections in the software.

Periscope character designs

Character design for animation
SVG characters of Periscope’s staff was made for an animated video.

Periscope Loading Icon
An animated loading icon for the software.

Custom Checkboxes
A set of unique checkboxes was created for use in the software and client online forms.